KNITTA!: our imperative is doing with our hands and our creativity what we dream of, using a thread and all the necessary equipment. The result is something that doesn’t exist in the market yet! WE LOVE THREADS: made of wool, cotton, linen, and of any other material that can be spun. WE LOVE GLOCAL: we think globally, but our roots belong to the Italian tradition, made of creativity, harmony, innovation and great handcraft skills. WE LOVE NETWORKING: we love how people get to know each other, and we love how ideas can be widespread. Living with others is the first source of growth for people, enterprises and societies. WE LOVE Short PRODUCTION CHAINS AND TRACEABILITY: we love ourselves, our lands and our neighbours, that’s why we look for natural raw materials and local suppliers, traceability means a lot to us. We want to know what we buy and what we offer because our responsibility begins with the respect for the environment: that’s how we contribute to your wellness. WE LOVE MADE IN BRIANZA: we love and we work in Brianza, a land rich in nature, history and stories. Stories such as the one of the Brianza’s sheep, a local race which still survive thanks to the work of five sheep farmers, with 1000 animals. We work with their wool; it is not enough for every product, but if we sustain the demand, the production will grow. We also propose wools from other Italian and foreigner races, in order to sustain natural and cultural biodiversity.