neckerchiefBEAUTY I really like september  because of its weather: comfortably warm,  light breezes every now and then , gorgeous sunsets .... But my throat used to disagree with me, in facts  it used to  punish me with a strong laryngitis because I ride my bike to work in the cool early autumn morning air 🙁 At last I found a win - win solution: in September morning I wear a very nice knitted neckerchief like the one in the picture; it's warm yet light, cocconing yet  protecting effectively my throat 🙂 It's a very old but easy pattern, found out and translated by Mr. Franklin Habit  from Mrs Gaugain’s Miniature Knitting, Netting and Crochet Book dated A.D.1843! You have to try to knit it: I bet you'll have a very nice time knitting and, afterwards, good feelings wearing it ... So: go to the knitting needles  and enjoy yourself !!! Designer: Franklin Habit - Contact Franklin Pattern & images:  © 2011. Franklin Habit. Fonte: PATTERN NOTES: Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.
Begin Right Border: Using CC, CO 3 sts.After you have worked the first few rows, use safety pin or split ring marker to mark RS of work.Row 1 [WS]: Sl 1, k2. Row 2 [RS]: Yo, k3. 4 sts. Row 3 [WS]: Sl 1, k to end. Row 4 [RS]: Yo, k to end. 1 st increased. Repeat Rows 3-4 16 times more, then work Row 3 once more. 21 sts.Begin Center and Continue Right Border: Row 1 [RS]: Join MC, yo, k1; using CC, k20. 22 sts. Row 2 [WS]: Using CC, sl1, k19; using MC, k2. Row 3 [RS]: Using MC, yo, k to last 20 sts; using CC, k20. 1 st increased. Row 4 [WS]: Using CC, sl1, k19; using MC, k to end. Repeat Rows 3-4 77 times more. 100 sts.
Work Left Border: Break MC and CC, leaving tails to be woven in during finishing. Rejoin CC to work, next to shaped edge (edge with yarnover increases). Row 1 [RS]: Yo, k to end. 1 st increased. Row 2 [WS]: Sl 1, k to end. Repeat Rows 1-2 18 times more, then work Row 1 once more. 120 sts. Loosely BO all sts.
Gently wet block, taking care to keep edges straight and short sides equal in length. When dry, weave in ends on WS.